To gauge your strengths and areas that need improvement please answer the questions below. Be candid and honest with your answers as your results will be exclusive to you. Once you are finished click submit. FranklinCovey On Demand courses will be recommended for you based on your responses.
Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements
Strongly Disagree Disagree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Strongly Agree
1. I clearly understand the operations of our organization (structures, systems, and processes).
2. I know how my work impacts the financial results of the organization.
3. I take personal responsibility to improve my work.
4. I deal successfully with a rapidly changing environment.
5. My communication is both candid and respectful.
6. I am able to communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively.
7. I take a win-win approach to conflict.
8. I achieve breakthrough solutions through effective negotiation and collaboration.
9. My customers (internal and external) are so delighted with me, they wouldn't go anywhere else.
10. I clearly understand what our customers want and need from us.
11. I know what my most important goals are.
12. I consistently achieve my most important goals.
13. I frequently break through old ways of thinking to arrive at new and better ideas.
14. I am successful at taking creative ideas and putting them into action.
15. I am clear about what is expected of me in my job.
16. I hold myself accountable for results.
17. I manage my time so that I achieve my highest priorities.
18. I effectively balance the competing priorities in my life.
19. I focus on preventing problems before they arise.
20. I get to the root of the problem rather than addressing only surface issues.
21. I have a clear and credible strategy for achieving my mission.
22. I get good short-term results without jeopardizing my long-term success.
23. My best talents and skills are being utilized in my job.
24. I invest time and resources in developing my own talents and skills.
25. I feel part of a great team that works well together.
26. I leverage the diverse capabilities and viewpoints of my team members.
27. The people on my team trust each other.
28. I have high ethics and integrity.
29. I have a compelling vision and purpose.
30. I have a clear sense of purpose and vision in my life.